P A S T E L S  

Masks & Art Tote Bags

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Winter is gray in Ohio, so I was digging around the studio for something colorful to play with and found chalk pastels. I was so intrigued by the way they blended, I got hooked. Later, while working on a particular pastel painting, I needed inspiration for a background. So where did I turn? Pinterest, of course. There, I found the most exquisite pastel paintings. 


I clicked further to find the artist's name, and here’s the kicker -- the artist turned out to be a former student of my mother’s, who taught drawing at a college in my hometown! The irony jolted me. I’d often gone with my mother when she taught classes, and I remembered the student’s name. It felt like divine intervention. Mom passed in 1988, and yet it felt like she’d given me a gift — a reconnection to this amazing artist. Since then, I’ve attended her workshops and she has taught me. I will be forever grateful for the wealth of knowledge she’s shared. 


It’s remarkable how history connects us. I suppose anything can happen when our mothers are involved!



These totes are made from a selection of my pastel artworks. Carry this unique tote with you to ease your load and brighten your day. It's a perfect bag to use for traveling, as it's packable and can be used as an extra bag. Also, 

it's the perfect gift to give your relative or friend who already has 'everything'.