My signature, handcrafted, wearable-art necklaces are made from stainless steel wire that doesn’t kink. I weave it into a chains that hold my colorful fused-glass pendants. The earrings are also fused glass. In choosing these materials, I’ve created jewelry that is not only beautiful, but sturdy, light, colorful and, yes, quiet.

Both my grandmothers were artistically gifted, both were beautiful, and both influenced the direction of my handmade jewelry, each in her own way. One of my grandmothers wore copious amounts of jewelry, á la 1980s — dangling and jangling gold bangles and coins that made quite an impression. My other grandmother wore beautiful and colorful costume jewelry. From these women, I discovered that I really like distinctive, colorful, quiet jewelry.


On many nights after putting my toddlers to bed, I would head to my studio and make jewelry until midnight. I spent hours on pieces that fell flat, but there were also pieces that soared. The evolution of that process resulted in the jewelry you see below.

Woven Necklaces

Woven Earrings