I love humor. Anything that makes someone smile or laugh till tears stream down their face, or tinkle a bit, is a wonderful gift. My dad's good at that, reminding me with witty stories of what is important what's good to ignore. The whimsical, handcrafted face sculptures I build are to be taken lightly. Each begins with a thought and then rambles on from there as I tend to write and daydream simultaneously.


Sometimes it's grandma or grandpa's wisdom that comes into play, or a bumper sticker that sticks, a quote, or a song that has been on repeat in my head for the last 72 hours. These ideas manifest through writing into these colorful glass sculptures. As there are two sides to a story, both sides of these have unique handwriting relating to the title. Think of them as a unique artisan gift! May they bring you a smile or two. 

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