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Anne Richeson Scanlon is a third generation artist who grew up under the wings of two professional artists, her mother a potter and art teacher and her grandmother a printmaker. Creating art for Anne was inevitable. Photography was her first medium beginning in middle school, and followed later by jewelry, glass and pastel.


Being able to flow between the different mediums is natural for Anne. She explains, “The principles of black and white photography are the foundation of any of my projects and color is the emotion. The layering of sheer over opaque glass for a jewelry pendant can impact the colors I use to blend in a pastel painting. Then, a pastel painting may influence the colors and textures I use in a necklace. I’ll begin a piece with one idea and then my subconscious may take it in a different approach. I trust this process.”

Anne’s surroundings influence a majority of her artwork. The midwest, where she currently resides, provides her with the desire to capture the slower pace of life along with beautiful scenery such as the long views of the farm fields and the wide open skies. In addition, growing up alongside the Mississippi river allows her to skillfully capture the serene and dynamic nature of water. Some of her favorite images come from the 30 years of summers spent in Door County, WI.


At the University of Iowa, Anne flourished in fine art

photography while she studied jewelry under, Distinguished Professor of Art, Chunghi Choo. She continued to study graphic art at Iowa State University resulting in a B.A. in Art and Design.



While simultaneously creating jewelry, she became a full-time photo stylist in 1996. Since then, her photography abilities have only grown. Her job entails art direction, creative visualization, and strong communication skills. Her clients include: Dick’s Sporting Goods, Quad Graphics, Figi’s, Maple Ridge Farms, Kmart, Westinghouse, and Sugardale Meats. Anne was awarded The Figi’s Certificate of Merit to signify recognition of quality, service, delivery, and creativity. Note: this award was typically granted to companies, rarely to an individual.



Jewelry: Developed signature process of creating a non- kink woven chain for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Fused Glass: Self-taught in building several layered glass pieces, firing and mounting of both small and larger pieces of glass.

Pastel Paintings: Impressionist and abstract pastel paintings with a focus on nature. Influenced by Debora Stewart PSA/MP, IAPS MC in abstract pastels.


Anne’s Jewelry and paintings are currently displayed at

Edgewood Orchard Galleries, Fish Creek, WI.

Art and Soul Gallery, New Philadelphia, OH

Market Street Art Spot, Minerva OH

MC Art Studio, Chagrin Falls, OH

Instagram: @richesondesign

Facebook: @Anne Richeson Scanlon


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