Is this you?

Finding the right gift of artwork for the person who is hard to buy for can be challenging and time consuming.


Don't give them something ordinary. 

Give your best,

Show your appreciation,

Celebrate their uniqueness

You want an impactful gift.

We can help you discover that perfect item!

Be assured that you gave a great gift.

Feel the excitement of them opening their distinctive gift.

You can experience the satisfaction of gift giving - with unique art and jewelry from 

Richeson Designs

Give a One-of-a-kind gift
        to a One-of-a-kind person


We want you to have a good gift giving experience. Our foundation is based he basis of our artwork comes from our images - from the iconic to the common. We are dedicated to bringing you color and great design you since 1996.

Our process begins with the principles of black and white photography as the foundation of all our designs, but color is essential to display the emotion. 


We embrace this ideal whether it's in our Jewelry, Painting, or Glass.




Choose a category you'd like to explore: Jewelry, Artwork or Glass.

As you look through the individual pieces we recommend you pay attention to your reactions to each piece of jewelry or artwork. These reactions will fine tune what you like and what your recipient might enjoy.

Use COLOR as your guide to find promising gifts. For example: 

What is your/their favorite color?

What is your/their colors they use in their home?.

When you've found something special, you'll realize

you've found your gift, don't hesitate, purchase it.

Each Richeson item is a one-of-a-kind original.

Once it's sold . . . it's gone. 

“Don’t be afraid of putting on color...generously and unhesitatingly.”
Pissarro to Cézanne
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